Maharashtra Board Class 5 English Solutions Chapter 8 Peer Profile

Balbharti Maharashtra State Board Class 5 English Solutions Chapter 8 Peer Profile Notes, Textbook Exercise Important Questions and Answers.

Maharashtra State Board Class 5 English Solutions Chapter 8 Peer Profile

English Balbharati Std 5 Digest Chapter 8 Peer Profile Textbook Questions and Answers

Let us see how to do this activity.

Question 1.
Let us see how to do this activity.
Get about 10 friends from your class. Distribute the sheets prepared by you to the 10 chosen friends. The sheet given is to get information about the person, such as their likes, dislikes, worries, fear …..and so on. Let them fill the sheets. Collect the sheets and find out similarity in likes and dislikes, fears, etc. You might find that many of your friends have the same likes, dislikes, fear, etc. Few may vary. On the basis of the information, make a report without any personal remarks. Read it out in the class. Make the report humorous so that everyone enjoys and no one is hurt. Let us see how best you can do it.
Ten of my friends have created beautiful profiles about themselves. On the basis of the information, I would like to say a few things about two of them. (I name them as Abhay and Sacchi) who are a total contrast to their names.

Abhay is afraid of the dark. The most fearful thing is a cockroach. He jumps onto the bed or the sofa when he sees a cockroach. But he is a wrestler, ready to pin down his opponent …… oh ……. but cannot kill a cockroach! Sachhi can spin yarns of stories and make people believe her! How she can move someone to tears! She tells proudly that she never tells a lie, but is the biggest liar on the earth.

But, one thing to be appreciated about her, is that, she is a genuine helper. She is ready to help anyone and at anytime. I really love her for that. The rest many of them have common likes and dislikes but these two are amazing.

Maharashtra Board Class 5 English Solutions Chapter 8 Peer Profile

Peer Profile Summary in English

Summary :

This chapter shows you an excellent way to improve your writing skills and will surely add to your vocabulary too. This chapter helps you to write a report. We will be writing a ort on peer profile. A report on Peer Profile’ means a systematic, well organized presentation of information got especially of friends/students of your age.

The chapter helps you to understand that a report has to be written to the point without too much of description. It (Report) helps to summarize what is written. The presentation of a report can be oral or written.

While preparing a peer profile, students automatically acquire language skills like speaking in a polite manner, gathering information, putting it together in a relevant manner and preparing a brief report in an interesting way. . Dos and Don’ts while preparing a report on peer profile.

Sentences should be to the point and precise. Too much of description is not required. Presentation should be clear. What is not mentioned should be pointed out. Personal remarks should be avoided. Statements and emotions should not be hurt. Interesting points should be mentioned at the end.

Maharashtra Board Class 5 English Solutions Chapter 8 Peer Profile

Meanings :

  1. peer (n) – someone who is of your age
  2. profile (n) – collection of information especially about a person
  3. personality (n) – celebrity, qualities that make a person different from the others
  4. summary (n) – presentation which is brief and to the point
  5. relevant (adj.) – directly related to
  6. briefly (adu) – in a few words, short
  7. politely (ado) – well mannered
  8. hurt one’s feelings (ph) – to cause someone pain